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Neil- I have many of the same feelings about SI. Grew up there, got the hell out after high school, had not much pride in the place. However, I only live 70 or so minutes away and I have come, over time, to appreciate the SI of my youth (even if I greatly prefer my adopted new hometown).

Up here in Nyack, in Rockland County NY, we are just dealing with power and gasoline issues, and only our riverfront saw significant damage. I wasn't until 2 days ago I could see TV and internet images of SI, and it is too horrible to watch for long.

BTW- DeNino's was the best pizza on SI!!! Hope your parents and everyone else are safe and get back to normalcy relatively soon.


Thanks Scott for reading my blog and for your post. All of my family is ok, including my sister who lives in NJ though don't think she has power yet. I'm with you on DeNino's, though I really liked going to Nunzio's -- and it is in Midland Beach so I thought it deserved a special shout out. I really miss good SI pizza, even the worst pizza on SI is better than any pizza out here in the Bay Area.

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